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A cringe worthy reality show?  Or a sarcastic sitcom...

Your ass hurts, you haven't showered in 3 days...or has it been 4, you haven't slept more than two hours since the baby came, what day of the week is it again? 

YOU know you're a badass but the 4th trimester can make you question your badassery. The good news, you're NOT the only one struggling! I know it's total chaos. And, here's a plus: it's totally normal to feel guilty for wanting a break or for thinking this whole motherhood thing might just be a big sham!


Feeling isolated? Wish you could talk to someone who understood you? Well, in reality you don't have energy, let alone 5 minutes to entertain any adult conversation. I see you!

Mama, you really can do this.  It's hard....I get it and I've got your back the entire way. I will send you a text message every day to remind you of that, along with affirmations and encouragement specific to the postpartum issues you are facing. You will also receive an invitation to our badass community where mamas like you find camaraderie and understanding.

Your Empowered Postpartum is resurrecting the village among women. Yes, postpartum is hard but you can feel empowered while doing hard things. The two can co-exist. Meliea brings her passion for women's issues and her knowledge as a Certified Professional Midwife and Emotional Mastery Coach to create a community where you feel supported, seen and heard.


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Mama, it's time to treat yo self! Get Daily support & encouragement.

This Membership group was birthed to remind you that you are never alone on your journey through postpartum. And, there is an entire community out there going through exactly the same thing! 


Check out the Your Empowered Postpartum blog for encouraging stories from moms just just like you and tip and tricks for getting through your day! 


Listen in on your time! Our Podcast is the perfect go-to for any time of day to get a little encouragement, advise and wisdom from our community of moms and founder, Meliea Black


Mom Recommended

Angie S.

“Meliea absolutely changed my life after my baby was born. She provided hope and encouragement.”

Linda M.

“Taking the leap to the membership group was the best thing I could have done to meet and gain the support I needed.”

Michelle B.

“Your Empowered Postpartum is a life changer. Real talk. Real community and real support. I'm beyond grateful”